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Sariza or Apikia

Around Chora, along the green-clad mountainsides, the villages and the settlements of the area are stressed. Northerly towards the upper part of the island don’t forget to visit the bright rein Apikia with the famous spring Sariza. The water of the spring is bottled and supplies the entire Greece.

The road following an unforgettable passage leads to Menites with the abundant volumes of water and the springs bearing lions head.

A village with lush vegetation almost hidden among cypress and plane-trees. A paradise throughout the year.


Andros has many monasteries with renowned libraries and properties in many areas of Greece to Thrace and Constantinople’s. Only a few of these are open primitively nowadays.

The Monastery of St. Nicholas at Sora is in the North coast of Apikia, it was built according to the tradition in 1560 and was repaired in 1760. It was protected by high walls and extended hospitality to many monks in its numerous cells. The ledger cross aped with a dome of two columns type with a narthex, decorated with wall painting and a wonderful wooden-carved icon stand.

The monastery of Agia is built in Kapsorachi a place between Batsi and Gavrio, it is unknown when it was constructed and it is dedicated to Zoodocho Pigi. It was renovated during the 16th cent. and received interventions during the 20th cent. The monastery is protected by high walls reinforced with towers. It disposes numerous monks cells and library. The ledger of the temple is cross-shaped with a dome and an narthex of peculiar type.

The Monastery of Ag. Marina is in Apikia. Is unknown when it was built, but the earliest reference is dated in the 17th century. Nowadays it has been a little renovated.

The Monastery of Tromarcion is built in a remote area at the S.W. coast of the island and it is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary. Since the middle of 19th cent. it is no longer open.

The monastery of Pnatokratoras (Sotiros) in Kamara near the village Glides is attached to the Agia Monastery. Its ledger is preserved in bad condition.

The Monastery of Panahrantou is unknown when it was exactly built. The abrupt mountain Katafigio is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary. The ledger of the monastery is cross-shaped with a dome with a narthex. The temple is decorated with two excellent Byzantine wooden sculptures, the icon-stand and a shutter of the Narthex entrance.

A little outside of Gavrio and on the left of the mountain’ s slope rises the St. Petros tower, a circular stony-built preserved tower made of seismic-stones. The tower dominates the sea-passage of the west coast of Gavrionissia and overlooks the big islands, Giaros, Kea, Kithnos and Syros.

The base of the tower has diameter of 9,40 m and height of about 20m. The entrance is 1,5 m wide. Inside part of the circular stair which was leading to the five more floors is preserved but the roof and the smaller part of the tower is broken down.

A small church was built in the foot of the tower. Probably the tower served as a fortress with a block-house to protect the activities of the area, as well as the ancient mine of iron which was found near the location Elleniko., or perhaps this was a part of the cycladic main of Fracturing which represent a tower from which the were sending and receiving light-signals using firebrands, to communicate fast in long distances.

Villa Galazio

Batsi, Andros
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